Review of Data

Most people get all their media and news consumption from social media, a lot of news on social media can be fake and misleading, and besides your’re only reading what someone else thinks is important and it creates mass illusion. You might say to yourself “well if everyone else gets their news from this outlet, then why shouldn’t I?” Well I applaud you for being one of the few people out there to question their consumerism. People might read just one news article and spin a false truth in their head without ever having done more research on whatever it was they were reading about.

With you get more consistency it anything else, there isn’t false proclaims or headlines competing for your attention.
All and all, is a worthy consumer website for a wide variety and abundance of news content and getting goodly opinionated articles by authors that are genuine. I usually open my email a few times a day and I wouldn’t mind opening my email and finding something nice to read that is of substance and quality.

These days I see too many articles that are simply just slapped together to meet the quota. Another good thing about this website is that its ridiculously simple with very few ads, many news websites will take forever to load and often seem in the main interest of ad revenue. Now with there is a an opt-out feature in case it’s too much too handle or you get a new email address. This is especially nice because I have so many repetitive emails i get sent to me, such as spam, emails that I seem to can’t do anything about. Hopefully this is a website that can see their opportunities to expand into a public domain for articles that everyone can use, because a lot of us don’t like getting the news from the same sources that are supposedly trustworthy.