A New Website You Won’t Want To Miss

Suggestive.com is essentially a full-feature website that has a dashboard, and suggests media consumption based of your preferences. It will show you everything that is trending and uses your search history to influence anticipated clicks. A user might click on an article about nature and soon you will find similar articles that will be recommended. The more content you browse and take interest in, the more narrow and less constrained your content searches will be. It features everything from health and sports to tech and travel. You can even join their emailing list to get the latest and get content catered towards your preferences emailed directly to you. There seems to be an endless abundance of content and articles to choose from and it features the author on the cover of the article which I thought was pretty cool.

You simply type in a keyword or whatever article you’re searching for and the most popular results will come up. You can also click on the author and it will show all of the authors publications, definitely a feature i haven’t found elsewhere. The website is strait-forward on responsive, however there doesn’t seem to be many user customization options for this website, not even a toolbar or a settings page to be found. But I think the simplicity of this website is what makes it a home run. So many other websites and apps try to do too much to keep up with it’s competitors. Websites or program that serve one function will be much better in terms of usability because it doesn’t misconstrue other function with it.

Another reason a lot of people will like suggestive.com is because the articles are written by people like you and me, these aren’t articles that are written at a huge publisher that has to be edited by 3 different people. When you’re able to read multiple articles that are written by the same author, you have a bigger sense of appreciation and I find it to be a more engaging experience as opposed to reading mass consumed articles from the mainstream media. The email function is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many sign-up services can email you irrelevant content but with suggestive.com I like that everything in my inbox pertains to content I actually might be interested in reading. The content selection is so large that you probably won’t having a problem finding something you like. It really saves you a lot of time when instead of searching for something you might be interested in, you can have everything right there.